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Hyper Studio Courseware

The Purpose and Description of my Hyper studio Courseware

The courseware is designed for students enrolled in American Government. The courseware is designed to familiarize students with the Bill of Rights. It is designed strictly for students in grades 10-11. Students are required to take American government usually around 11th grade as a requirement. Some students take American government over summer while attending the 11th grade.


Professors will find it pretty easy teaching the students the Amendments in the Constitution with this courseware. The Bill of Rights is an important group of amendments that should be memorized and taught to all teenagers. With the slideshow, the teacher wouldnt necessarily have to write in chalk each amendment on the board, nor have to give out any handouts. The students will learn a great deal with this courseware because they will see it as a different way of learning verses copying notes off the chalkboard or overhead projector. The courseware is very user friendly and will provide the maximum learning outcome. The teacher can teach the concept easier because the computer allows the use of text, animation, sound, color, and graphics.


The courseware is fairly simple to use. Students will either view each slide one by one using the command buttons on the slides to navigate from one slide to the next or they can easily view the slide show. They may view all the slides similar to viewing a film.The courseware is extremely user friendly and will allow the user to navigate through the slides as they choose.The courseware begins with a title card. This gives a title following a set of instructions on how the courseware is used with straight forward directions. The first 10 slides consist of the Bill of Rights, with each amendment included on each slide. This is later followed by a quick test. Later the program congratulates the user.


My Target Audience


The primary audience this courseware is created to be used by is for tenth and eleventh graders. Students at this level are able to learn by reading more and apprehending more than students at younger ages. Students ages 16 and 17 will be able to find this courseware fun and a great learning experience. They will find this courseware amusing and will become more interested in reading the slides since it is put in a fairly simple manner or style. This will encourage them to read each slide, therefore encourage them to learn each amendment in the Bill of Rights.