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Hyperstudio Courseware
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Order Courseware
Hyper Studio Courseware

The courseware is fairly simple to use. Students will either view each slide one by one using the command buttons on the slides to navigate from one slide to the next or they can easily view the slide show. They may view all the slides similar to viewing a film.The courseware is extremely user friendly and will allow the user to navigate through the slides as they choose.

HyperStudio Version 3.2.2 is recommended with Macintosh G3 with 1Gig HDD, 128 MB RAM and 100 MB Zip Drive. This Courseware titled Introduction to the Bill of Rights is for $129. To place your order send check or money order to 5546 Ginger Tree Lane, Pontiac , MI 44545 or Call 1-995-343-2323 NOW! Visa and Debit cards are accepted.

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