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The Red Rose Nepular (October 31, 1999) Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Book The Quran :- In The Name of Allah most Gracious most Merciful: "When the sky is torn apart, so it was (like) a red rose like ointment. Then which of the favours of your lord will you deny?" Verily Allah Speaksthe Truth. From holy Quran Surat Ar-Rahman verses 37 & 38
The picture was taken by the NASA Hubble Space Telescope of the "Cat's Eye Nebula", an exploding star 3,000 light years away. It is also mentioned (Nasa Site) that this represents a dying star which inevitably is the awaiting faith of our own solar system which the holy Quran speaks of as the day when the Sky is torn apart. It would be like a Red Rose like ointment. As Mentioned in the holy Book the Quran over 1,400 years ago; Indeed a favor for us to contemplate and dwell upon.

Nebula Eye

Scientific miracle of the Quraan
The following is an analysis (partial) of some of the numerical miracles of the Quraan. The word No# of times mentioned in Quraan

Dunia 115
Aakhirat 115

Malaikat 88
Shaytan 88

Life 145
Death 145

Benefit 50
Corrupt 50

People 50
Messengers 50

Eblees (king of devils) 11
Seek refuge from eblees 11

Museebah (calamity) 75
Thanks 75

Spending (sadaqah) 73
Satisfaction 73

people who are Mislead 17
Dead people 17

Muslimeen 41
Jihad 41

Gold 8
Easy life 8

Magic 60
Fitnah (dissuasion, misleading) 60

Zakat 32
Barakah 32

Mind 49
Noor (light) 49

Tongue 25
Sermon 25

Desire 8
Fear 8

Speaking publicly 18
Publicising 18

Hardship 114
Patience 114

Mohammad 4
Sharee*ah 4

Man 24
Woman 24

Solat (Prayer ) 5

Month 12

Day 365

sea 32

Land 13

Sea + land = 32 + 13 = 45

% sea = 32/45 * 100 % = 71.11111111
% land= 13 / 45 * 100 % = 28.88888889

The new science has proven that the water covers 71.111 % of the earth, while the land covers 28.889 % . We will find what Allah said in His Holy Book 14 century ago that the ratio of water on earth is 71.11111111111%, and the ratio of landmass is 28.88888888889%,add them together and you will get 100%, and these are the real ratios of the Water and landmass on earth.

Is this a coincidence? Who taught prophet Mohammad all this? Allah, the AllMighty taught him this. This is but a few of the scientific miracles of the Quraan. There are many more miracles in the field of numbers, astronomy, space, medicine, geology, engineering, mind, etc.

The above is from the *the series of the scientific miracles in Quraan*, by Dr. Tariq Al Suwaidan